Color Inspiration

Sometimes the first step I take when designing a particular space for a client is choosing a color scheme. Deciding on a color scheme can be really helpful I find myself at a loss on where to start in a room. I try to find out what colors make my clients feel happy. Which colors they are drawn toward or what colors they most often choose to wear. Do they like soft, pale or neutral colors? Or are they more of the bold and brilliant type.

Today I put a few color schemes together just for some inspiration:

Turquoise and Pink

Orange and Tan

Purple and Gold


If you are designing a room of your own and having a hard time deciding on the colors you want to go with, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. What color(s) do you most like to wear?

2. What is your favorite season? What colors are associated with that season?

3. Do you like cool colors, like blue, grey, or purple? Or do you prefer warm colors, like red, yellow, tan, or orange?

4. Do you have a favorite painting, piece of art, magazine clipping or family picture? What colors are in it?

5. Do you like soft colors like pastels and neutrals? Or bold, bright colors?