A Library For Your Home

I am officially obsessed with home libraries, or just floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in general. Anytime I am on Pinterest (follow me!), I repin every single photo that I see of large bookshelves. They just pull on my heartstrings I guess and my future home WILL have a floor-to-ceiling wall of bookshelves at some point... eventually.

Gorgeous! {via}


I love how the books become the art on the wall. No need for wallpaper or painting.

I love how the gallery wall and the bookcase work in harmony here.


This one is DEFINITELY my favorite. I love how bright and beautiful this room is.


ok, so maybe I lied... this one might be my favorite! I would love to sleep in that room surrounded by books, does that make me a nerd?


As beautiful as full floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are they are not cheap. So Unless you have a super handy husband (wink, wink Matt) you'll have to hire out a carpenter to custom build them, and even though I think they are gorgeous, dramatic and totally worth the money spent... it isn't always in the budget. I have great news though, World Market recently came out with a line of library bookcases that are ready made!

How perfect are these?  They could easily be join side by side to create a whole wall effect, or just used alone. I love the ladder too, it just adds to the whimsical old-world library effect. Best part is, these Augustus Library Shelves will only cost you $629, way better than having custom shelves built.

Do you have a large bookshelf in your home? What kinds of books and accessories do you fill it with?