Designer Highlight: Betsy Brown

One of my favorite designers is Betsy Brown. She is an interior designer working in Birmingham, Alabama with a great office in Mountain Brook Village. I had the privilege of working for her as an intern when I was just getting started in my design career. She is a wonderful woman and a brilliant designer. Her signature style is "tone on tone" or in other words she works predominantly with neutrals. It is amazing how much depth and drama she can add to a room without even introducing any color. She does, however, use color in very carefully thought out accents. Her interiors are truly works of art.

Notice the lime washed oak floors. These light wood floors are one of her signature designs as well.

See how interesting and dynamic this room is? Notice that the only color is a touch of green in the accents.

Again, plenty of drama, but only touches of color.

Betsy's designs have been featured in several magazines including Elle Decor and House beautiful. I love her work and feel very fortunate to have been able to work with and learn from such a talented designer.