Tutorial: Burlap Wreath For Fall

This weekend Fall came to the Barksdale house! (Even if it is still in the 80's in Tennessee). On saturday I made several updates to our home to get things ready for Fall and I am excited to share them with you!

First, let me start with a tutorial for the burlap wreath that I made for our front door. This project was really easy (it only took about 2 hours) and was  a lot of fun to make! I originally got the inspiration for the wreath here.

Here is what you will need.

  • About 1.5 yards of Burlap (depending on how large you want to make your wreath)
  • Wire wreath (mine is 15 inches)
  • Florist wire (I used silver wire so it would blend in better)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)
Step 1. Cut a strip of burlap that is 6 inches wide. Then gather the strip in your hand so that it bunches up and you have a short tail at the end. {You may need to use more than one strip of burlap if your wreath is large... thats ok, just make sure you hide the "tail" under the folds when you move to the 2nd strip.}
Step 2. Cut the florist wire into 8-inch pieces. Using a piece of florist wire attache your burlap to the wire wreath at one of the breaks starting with the outside of the wreath. Twist the florist wire at the back and then snip off any excess wire.
Continue to bunch the burlap and attache it at each break in the wreath while creating a "bubble" in between.
Step 3. When you get to the last break you will need to hide the other "tail". Go ahead and tie the florist wire around the tail, then flip that part underneath itself and attach it to the break in the wreath.
Then you will have a wreath that looks like this. See how the burlap is gathered at each break? Also notice where I pointed out how the tail was flipped under so that it would be hidden.
Continue steps 1 through 3 with the inner circle until your wreath looks like the one above!
Now comes the really fun part... adding embellishments! This step is completely optional, but I think it is a great idea to embellish this wreath since burlap goes so well with many different things. You could add a bow like I did (my ribbon was 5 inches wide, the largest I could find). Or flowers, or painted letters, or small plastic pumpkins, or pinecones, really anything goes.
Helpful Tip: Whenever you are making ribbon bows (especially if they will be outside) you can spray them with an aerosol hairspray to keep them firm and help them hold their shape. There is nothing more disappointing than making a gorgeous bow and having it flop.
And here is my finished project! Welcome to the Barksdale's! I added some left over burlap to the planter that I put my mums in. I cant wait until they bloom in full!
I also added a bow to this grape vine wreath that a hung on the door to our dining room. I used some left over ribbon and added a strip of left over burlap to make a sort of "double bow".
In the dining room, I flipped my reversible table runner and swapped the pink spring-time flowers for some more mustard yellow ones. I cant wait to add some mini pumpkins to the tray later on.
What types of things are you doing to get your home ready for Fall this year?