Patience Pays Off

One of my favorite things about interior design is watching as clients homes take on new life as the spaces are filled with beautiful things. I love being able to bring each clients style and personality to life in their rooms. Even as designers, though, we have to practice patience when looking for the right pieces of furniture for each home. Especially when looking for unique pieces or antiques. I have learned that is really pays off to wait on items that you love than settling for what will "work" now.

It is an easy mistake to make. It can be really hard to stare at a blank wall in your entry every time you come home or keep using that old kitchen table when you really want a nice new one for your home. But it really does pay off in the long run if you wait on what you really love. Sometimes that waiting may be because you haven't found the right piece for the space you need to fill. Sometime the waiting comes because you have found the right piece but it is out of your budget and you may need to save up for it. No matter what the reason, it is ok to wait, decorating your home is not a race. If you are going to live in your home for years and years what is the rush? Too often when we run out and buy a piece that we dont really love in order to have something right away we end up spending more money and time down the road when we do find that perfect piece.

Save yourself the time and trouble (and the need for a garage sale) and be patient for what you love. You will be much more satisfied and I think you will be able to see yourself and your style in your home much more if it is filled with pieces that you took time to find. Remember, the best rooms are not made, they evolve.

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I love these amazing globe lights.

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