A Weekend Full Of Fun

What a weekend I had! Have you ever had one of those weekend that you think back on and wonder how in the world you accomplished everything that you did in one 2 days? Well that was this weekend for me. Here is a little recap:

1.Saturday morning I woke up at 6:15am to babysit the girls next door. (yes I got up before dawn to babysit.) We made pancakes and watched Snow White all before 9am.

2. The upside to being up early was that I was able to hit up the Imogene + Willie garage sale!

I scored 2 pairs of jeans for only $50 each!

3. Then Matt and I  watched collage game day before heading to Home Depot to get everything we needed for refinishing the rocking chairs.

We decided on staining them in an ebony stain. I definitely recommend staining as opposed to painting because this process went WAY faster than painting and priming would have. All you need to so is run the stain in with a rag (we did 2 coats) and let it dry for about 8 hours before sealing the wood.

4. That night we had a few friends over for pizza and football, we needed a night to lay low after such a packed out day.

5.Sunday was a busy/fun day too. We put the final coat of sealer on the chairs.

I think they turned out really great!

6. After finishing the chairs and cleaning up our supplies, a group of our friends got together to go out to Arrington Vineyard for the afternoon. It was the perfect end to a full weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Work on any projects?