Ideas For Painting Pumpkins

Have any of you gotten a pumpkin yet this season? I LOVE the idea of painting pumpkins as part of your Halloween decor. There are so many fun possibilities when it comes to painting them! Here are a few really great painted pumpkin ideas I was able to find.

I think these "bug" pumpkins are so cute!

These bat ones are also really fun for halloween.

You could always go with a more graphic look like these pumpkins.

Or these.

And don't feel like you have to paint all of your pumpkins... It looks GREAT to pix painted and unpainted pumpkins together!

Or you could paint all of them in solid colors and cluster them together. I love this arrangement above, those are some of my favorite colors!

Painting pumpkins isn't just for Halloween either, what about painting pumpkins to decorate for Thanksgiving too?

Like painting them white and using them as your Thanksgiving centerpiece. I am drooling over this table spread, you wouldnt have to ask me twice to join this feast.

Have any of you painted pumpkins before? If so, what did you do with them?