The Art of Layering Mirrors

Have you ever thought about layering mirrors to add interest to a dresser? I think too often the thought of layering one mirror in front of another gets overlooked. Maybe it is because it seems wrong to cover a mirror because they are meant to be looked at, or maybe we think we might create some crazy optical illusion by having two mirrors right on top of each other. Well, I am here to tell you that layering mirrors is a FANTASTIC way to dress up your home. Here are some tips on how to properly layer mirrors.


Doesn't that mantle look elegant? Layering mirrors is a lot like layering art. You want to make sure that the mirrors compliment each other but aren't exactly the same. For example, use different size mirrors with the largest in the back and the smallest in the front.



It is also a good idea to mix types of frames. I like to use some wood, and some metal. Or like the dresser above, they used two that were a dark color with the brighter gold in between. I definitely recommend mixing antique mirrors with newer ones.


Although, you don't have to use different types of mirrors. You can always do different sizes of the same mirror and it will still look great.


The possibilities are endless, why not give it a try? Here are some helpful resources on where to buy some great mirrors to get your collection started:

Gilded Mirror: Wisteria

Rustic Wood Mirror: Pottery Barn

Set of 3 Shabby Chic Mirrors: Pottery Barn

Grass Cloth Mirror: West Elm

Vintage Mirror: Etsy

Make sure to check out flea markets, antique shops, Etsy or Ebay for great finds on vintage or antique mirrors!

Have you ever thought about layering mirrors? I would love to know what you think!