Coffee Table Books


Coffee table books are nothing new. We all know what they are and have seen them before, but I think they  have a tendency to get overlooked sometimes. I love the way a few, thoughtfully placed books can add color and life to a room. I'm serious here. Think about it, adding a couple books on an otherwise plain coffee table can not only add color, but dimension (for example, stacking a candle or plant on top of a book or two) and sometimes the right book can really be a conversation starter. I have been guilty of perusing through a book or two at a friends house on many different occasions.


Books are SUCH an easy accessory to work with too. First off, they are easy to find and really affordable. And secondly, there are all different types of books that can not only fit your interests, but also compliment your design. For example, the living room above if pretty formal and elegant, therefore classic books were chosen to accent the coffee table.


For this space, more sun and colorful books were chosen to meet the design of the room.


This style is a little of both fun and formal.



Don't let the term "coffee" table book fool you either... beautiful books like these can be used just about anywhere, on a book shelf, on a console table in a hallway, or on a nightstand in your guest room... although, I don't recommend stacking quite as many as in the picture above. If you have too many books you can learn how to make a bookshelf online and then choose your more interesting ones to display.

Here are some of MY favorite designer coffee table books in case you would like to check them out for yourself!

Katie Ridder Rooms

Nate Berkus: Things That Matter

{Also, Nate Berkus has a line for Target that is in stores right now! There is some really great stuff, check it out!}

Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor

Suzanne Kasler: Inspired Interiors

Black & White by Celerie Kemble


Do you have any favorite coffee table books? I would love to know what they are, I am always looking for new, fun ideas.


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