SBD Lately

Happy November everyone! I can not believe that it is already November... where has the Fall gone? I feel like it was just last week that I was grabbing my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and now we are almost to Thanksgiving. Part of the reason that this Fall has flown by is that life has been busy lately... I guess its true what people say; time flies when you are having fun.

Here is a little of what has been going on with the Barksdale's lately:

1. Several of my friends got together and went out to Arrington Vineyard to picnic on a Saturday afternoon. I love going out there when the weather is nice in the Fall because it is way out in the country and the scenery is gorgeous.

2. Matt and I took our very first married camping trip and it was a great success! We slept in Matt's one-man tent which is SO small but we fit in there pretty well. I guess that should call it a one-man-or-one-man-plus-a-woman tent.

3. On our camping trip we did some hiking and card playing, but my favorite part was relaxing in the hammock. Well, ok, maybe sitting around the fire was my favorite part... except that it took us about an hour to get a good fire going. Oh well, practice makes perfect I guess?

4. Auburn played Vanderbilt in Nashville so for once Auburn came to me! One of my sorority sisters and her husband came to stay with us for the weekend, and even though Auburn hasn't been doing very well this year we had a great time at the game and visiting with friends on campus.

5. Matt and I ran in the Color Run 5k race. It is basically a regular 5k only you get covered in colored powder as you run. This is a photo of us before the race.

6. And this is the after. We had a blast! It was our first race together and I think we are going to try to run in a few more. We were SO messy after this one though, but it was really fun and very high energy.

7. I finally made some pillows for the church pew that I bought at the flea market over the summer. You cant tell from the picture, but these are actually just envelope pillows. Envelope pillows are great if you just want to make some simple accent pillows because they are EASY and really fast to make. Here is a great tutorial on how to make them if you are interested.

8. I entered a pumpkin carving contest with some friends at their office. We did a Cinderella carriage pumpkin and even though we didn't win we definitely had the cutest pumpkin around. Did you carve any fun pumpkins this year?

9. Matt and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary on October 21st!! We aren't really the couple who celebrates 6 month anniversaries... actually we haven't ever celebrated any anniversary since we didn't keep up with any dating anniversaries or anything. But Matt did suprise me with a candle lit dinner to kind of celebrate the mile stone of being married for 6 months. He is so great.

What kinds of thing have you been up to this Fall? Are you ready for the upcoming holiday season?