Truly Beautiful Flush Mounts

Finding the right flush mount can sometimes be a tricky process. If your house is like mine, you probably have 9 foot ceilings in most rooms and unless you are hanging a fixture over a table or a bar, that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for a light fixture. Typically you will only want to use something that is 10-15 inches high which is where flush mount fixtures come in handy. However, there are beautiful flush mounts... and then there are "boob lights."

See what I mean? Why would you settle for an ugly, generic "boob light," when there are so many more attractive and equally affordable options available?

Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Shades of Light: Nantucket Ceiling Light

School House Electric: Satellite Surface Mount

Lamps Plus: Mission Hills Ceiling Light

Shades of Light: Small Interlocking Ceiling Light

Circa Lighting: Basil Flush Mount

Circa Lighting: Large Club Square Flush Mount

These are just a few of the great option that are out there. I got to thinking about this topic a couple weeks ago when my friend Abbie contacted me asking for help finding a great looking flush mount to replace an ugly old light that she had in her home, but she didn't want to break her wallet to get it replaced.

Hi Sarah!
We live in a town home in downtown Charleston that was originally built around the 1930s, then renovated in the 1950s. There are lots of lovely vintage touches around our home that we love, however one we DETEST is the terrible light fixture above our stairs. It provided basically no light in addition to being the ugliest light fixture I have ever seen. 
We had been looking for a flush mount fixture to replace it since we moved it. However, most flush mounts I liked were out of my budget. You identified the perfect replacement for us and we installed it this weekend. Not only does the new fixture fit the space better, it gives off twice as much light making our stairway much safer. It is the first thing I see every morning when I leave our bedroom and it puts a huge smile on my face!
Thank you so much for your help!

I did some research for her and got to thinking that there are probably a lot of us out there who have old, outdated ceiling lights that get overlooked, and we don't replace them because we don't think it will make a huge difference or we don't know where to look for a beautiful replacement. Here is a little before and after of Abbie's home:

MUCH BETTER!! We found her new fixture at Home Depot and Abbie and I are both really pleased with how the new light turned out!

Do you have any light fixtures in your home that are in need of an update?