A Little Headboard Creativity

{Originally posted on September 12, 2011}

A friend of mine recently bought a new bed recently. Since he was upgrading from a double to a queen he needed a new headboard to fit the new bed frame. Instead of just going to buy a new headboard he went and bought a door (from Home Depot) and some wood trim. He turned the door sideways and attached the trim to the perimeter and painted the whole thing black! It looks really great and cost him a lot less than a brand new headboard would have, plus he got to make it his own style.

This got me thinking... what are some other creative ways to change out a headboard, or just re-design the one you already have. With all of the creative ideas and DIY projects out there these days, there really is no limit to what could potentially make an amazing headboard.

I love the idea of using unfinished wood with words painted in an accent color. It could be a name, monogram, or just a sweet word like "love" or "dream"

This idea came from Holly Mathis , she used some fabric and made a slip cover for an old, out of style headboard.... looks pretty good now!

You could even go for a fully upholstered style using plywood and foam for the frame with a fabric cover.

Here is an example of a door as a headboard. (similar to the style that my friend made for his bed)

This isn't necessarily a headboard..but the floor-to-ceiling curtains with the floating frame sure make for a beautiful headwall don't you think?

This is probably my favorite headboard of them all. I love the drama of the yellow with the ornate  white bed frame.

The possibilities are endless. What are some of your headboard ideas?