Stocking Stuffers

Matt and I are starting our first Christmas tradition together this year. Since we are still in the phase of life where we travel to see family during the holidays rather than having family come to us, we are making stockings for each other this year! I had a really fun time shopping for fun little things to get him. However, I did realize that sometimes finding something special... that will also fit inside a stocking, it not always the easiest of tasks. So, for all your Christmas-eve shoppers out there, here is a little stocking stuffer shopping list:

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.27.23 PM

For Her: 2013 Date Book, Ciate Nail Polish (to keep her nails pretty for New Years), Dotted Bracelet, Life of Pi, iphone Back Up Battery, Le Pen 12 Color Set

For Kids: Pick Up Sticks, Fingerprinting Kit, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Deluxe Edition)

Stocking Stuffers For Him | Sarah Barksdale Design

For Him: Multi-tool Hammer Kit, Leather Flask, Whiskey Stones, Striped Watch Strap, Mini Portable Speakers

What will you be stuffing in your loved ones stockings this year?