2013- My Year of Photography

Sarah Barksdale Photography

I made a new Years resolution this year that I thought I would share with all of you. I debated whether to share it on the blog or not... I dont know, I am not really one for making resolutions. But I think this one needs to be discussed for a few reasons: 1... I made this resolution LAST YEAR and did absolutely NOTHING about it, which is unacceptable. There you have it; pure honestly. The other reason I wanted to share is because I would love for you to all share in this journey with me as I work toward my goals.

So what is this 2013 resolution you might be thinking???


My goal for this year is to seriously work on my photography skills. I have an awesome camera with some really great lenses that i just do NOT use enough. My iphone has taken over for 99% of my picture taking which is just both the way I want things to be. DOnt get me wrong I totally heart instagram and my iPhone does take pretty decent pictures and it is SO much more convenient than carrying around my big camera.... but.... its just not the same quality. And my level of creativity with photos is limited.

Did yall know I was a camp photographer for a summer? Yep, I was the camera girl all summer and I got PAID to take my camera everywhere, and shoot awesome kids doing extreme sports like rafting and rock climbing. Let's just say it was a dream come true. Since then my level of photo skills had been on the decline.

Some of my friends started this awesome site called Seven lenses, in which 7 guys are challenging themselves to take a different series of photos every week for the entire year of 2013. It's pretty amazing, you should check it out. Anyway, that got me re-inspired, after my failed attempt at a photography resolution last year, to go for it again this year.

So be on the lookout for some fun photos to come! You can check out my current work at my Sarah Barksdale Photography site.