Dining Room Inspiration

Lately I have had the opportunity to work on several dining room designs. It seems work out a lot that designs come in spurts, like having multiple dining rooms to design at once. But I actually like it that way, it gives me a chance to come up with multiple designs and ideas for the same type of room which is always fun.

This is a dining room that I have been swooning over lately. I love the traditional-with-a-twos feel it has, and those dining chairs are AMAZING! I love, love, love the idea of upholstering the seat and back of the chair. Brilliant! Anyway, consider this my "inspiration."

Dining Room Inspiration | Sarah Barksdale Design

And here is a design board that i put together from this inspiration:

Dining room inspiration board | Sarah Barksdale Design

drapery fabric / chandelier / paint / Chippendale dining chair / upholstery fabric* / plates / table

*This fabric is Pindler and Pindler, 2709-Tudor, beige

I wanted to keep the look traditional while still using fresh, current pieces and fabrics. The key is to keep traditional lines while incorporating more current patterns or finishes- hence the fabric patterns, the smokey green wall color and the raw iron finish for the chandelier. I wanted to keep the table finish light in order to contrast from the dark mahogany finish of the chairs, but I didn't want it to be so light that the two wouldn't work together. I also wanted to keep a formal feel to the room without making it too uninviting. Who wants to eat in an stiff dining room everyday?

Now all that's missing are my dinner guests...