maintaining your furniture for the long haul

Hello to all of my SBD readers! Today we have a special guest, Eva, here to share some great tips for maintaining your furniture so it will last you longer.... because who doesn't want to keep their furniture looking great for a long time? Am I right? I think you will find her article informative and very useful!

How to Treat Furniture to Last You Longer

Building a successful family nest certainly includes providing a nice, cosy home where the family can enjoy their time together, and maybe even quarrel a little just to keep it spicy and dynamic.

However, having a cozy home sounds easier than it actually is. Not everyone can afford to buy new appliances, tech equipment and furniture every few months or even years. So, are there alternatives to buying new things that can help us maintain a comfortable and nice-looking home? Of course. Your other option to frequent shopping is keeping your old furniture new and functional for a long time.

Furniture is more than just stuff

If we all learned how to properly treat our floors, sofas, beds, wooden chairs, glass tables and windows, we'd be able to save much more money than we do.

Whether you usually shop for furniture in luxury stores, at yard sales, or from reliable online providers like, you equally have to make an effort to keep it in good shape as long as possible.

You basically have 3 main types of furniture: wooden, leather and upholstered, and now weíll focus on how to preserve each of them.

  1. Treating wooden furniture
  2. It is very important to regularly clean your wooden chairs, tables and floors (laminate, parquet, etc.) As far as wood flooring is concerned, it should be regularly vacuumed and mopped either using only water, or using water with a cleaning product made specifically for wood floors.

    When cleaning wooden furniture, you need to know the type of its finish. Depending on the wooden furniture finish, youíll choose what type of cleaning product to use for regular cleaning. You might even be able to clean your chairs and tables using only damp cloth, but never skip polishing the furniture with proper polishing product after the wiping. Weiman and Select are some good names for wooden furniture care. Polishing wooden furniture makes it look shiny and beautiful. Just make sure you always polish it in the direction of the wood grain.

    Another very important thing to remember: donít ever leave water marks on the wooden surface. If that happens, youíll need to remove stains left over by water using mayonnaise and towels.

  3. Taking care of that fancy leather
  4. Leather furniture is usually pretty expensive and should be taken good care of. It is very susceptible to heat and light, so you should keep it far away from these sources. Otherwise the leather will become dry and crack.

    Regularly clean the leather with damp cloth. If you spend a lot of time sitting on your leather sofas and armchairs, you might want to consider using towels or bedspreads underneath.

    On occasion you should use a mild oil-free liquid soap and wet cloth to clean your leather furniture. Before you start, apply it on a very small part to make sure the soap will not discolour your piece. Here are some very simple tips to clean your leather furniture.

  5. Simple W/S rule for fabrics
  6. Upholstered furniture should be regularly vacuumed, and that is simple enough. But when you spill something and want to clean the fabric immediately, you might ruin it if you donít know what youíre doing. All types of furniture upholstery can be cleaned in two ways: either using only water and perhaps some foam, or using water-free dry cleaning solvents. If your fabric is marked with the letter W, you will be using the first cleaning method. If it is marked with S, that means you need to use dry cleaning solvents.

    Now all you need to do is NOT be lazy and start treating your furniture the way it deserves.