Design Dilemma success story

A few months ago I introduced a new feature to the blog called Design Dilemma, in which you can ask me for help or advice on design projects that you may have going on by visiting the Design Help page and sending me a message. Well I have had a really fun time hearing what many of you have been working on and trying to help answer your questions. Here is a recent success story that I thought might be fun to share with y'all.

A couple weeks ago Stacie contacted me to help her with a space in her kitchen. She and her husband had just finished building a new cottage style home and she realized that a space in her kitchen has been overlooked. Here is the before shot of the space:

Design Dilemma | Sarah Barksdale Design

Her main concern was that she didn't want to have so much open wall space but she didn't think that overhead cabinets spanning the length of the open space would look right since there were not continuous lower cabinets. I thought she was exactly right... but then that left a question as to what would fit the open space.

I came across this picture in my search for ideas and used it as my inspiration:

Design Dilemma | Sarah Barksdale Design

I thought Stacie might get good use of her space by storing produce in baskets above the counter. Not to mention it would make for a pretty arrangement. Stacie had also mentioned that she would like to do a chalk board but wasn't totally sure. So using her idea of the chalkboard along with my basket inspiration here is what I sent her to plan her project around:

Design Dilemma | Sarah Barksdale Design

I also sent her a link to some sources for wall hanging baskets and chalkboards (see below for resources)

Stacie and her husband put the plan into action and I could not be happier with the result! Here is the after shot that Stacie sent me:

Design Dilemma | Sarah Barksdale Design

I LOVE the baskets that she found from Ballard Design and she had her husband make the chalkboard for her. The scale of both the baskets and chalkboard fits the space perfectly and I love the way she put produce below and cookbooks above. This design not only fills her empty space but also adds additional functionality to an otherwise dead space. Great job Stacie and Andrew!

If you want to get a similar look to this for your home here are some resources to get you started:

Chalk Boards: 1, 2

Baskets: 1, 2, 3


Do you have a design project that you want help with? Visit my Design Help page and lets work on it together! I'd love to hear from you!