Bold and beautiful bedrooms

One thing that I believe whole heartedly is that your home should reflect your style and what makes you happy. WHo cares about what is on trend or in style if it doesn't line up with your taste. You will love your home when it feel like...well... YOUR home. One of my favorite parts of designing is tapping into what makes each of our clients unique and trying to capture that into a design that make their home come alive.

Personally, I am a neutral girl. I like color... but I like it in softer, more muted tones. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am around color and patterns ALL DAY LONG and I need a visual break from it when I am off duty. Who knows.

Anyway, I have been really inspired by bold color lately though. I guess the Spring time does that to me. I have been seeing some really awesome bold bedrooms that I just had to share with you. These rooms seem so fun and lively to me that it is making me hope for a funky bedroom redo to hit my desk soon so that I can get my color on.

Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms | Sarah Barksdale Design

That bedding says it all. What a great focal point that bed is making in the room.

Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms | Sarah Barksdale Design

Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms | Sarah Barksdale DesignGoing bold certainly doesn't mean that you have to choose bright colors. Navy can be just as bold. Especially when paired with turquoise and  orange accents like this room.

Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms | Sarah Barksdale DesignPatterns can also give a bold look. Take the wallpaper for example, its not a bright color but it is making a statement none the less.

Bold and Beautiful Bedrooms | Sarah Barksdale Design

Or maybe you are like me and neutrals are more your taste, but you want to spice things up just a bit without going overboard. You can always add a touch of color or pattern with one stand out piece like the way this room is styled.

So what do you think? To go bold or not to go bold?


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