It's a swing thing

{originally posted on 1/18/2012}

I LOVE being outside. I am one of those people whose mood really is affected by the weather a lot of the time.  Well, we are going to have a fantastic back deck at our new apartment and I know I am going to be sneaking out there all the time on Summer evenings (and probably Fall, Winter and Spring evenings too)

Here are some of my favorite porch inspirations:

I love porch swings. Particularly oversized swings like this one. It just makes me want to pile in it with a blanket and a book and stay forever.

I love this screened porch because of that gorgeous blue ceiling. I think ceilings can make a statement in a room and since this "room" doesn't really have walls, what better way is there to add a pop of color than to paint the ceiling?

Or your could add your pop of color with an area rug. Just make sure that it is made for the outdoors so that it will not mold.

My favorite part of this porch (besides the swing) is the white curtains. They are so elegant and romantic and can act as a privact screen if you have close neighbors. Again, just make sure to use outdoor rated fabric... Sunbrella is a good source for finding outdoor fabrics, but it certainly is not the only one.

I think outdoor fireplaces are the best. Not only do they look beautiful, but they encourage you to use your porch year round by giving you the option of lighting a fire and curling up under a blanket on a chilly Fall or Winter night. This one is particularly beautiful... and did you notice the painted pattern on the deck?


Although I love so many things about all of these porches I need to be realistic with myself for now. I am still in the phase of life where I am renting and do not have full creative rein on my porch. So for now this is what I will be starting with:

A couple of porch rocking chairs for reading (maybe with a nice pillow for each).

And a couple porch lights to set the mood for hosing back yard parties!

All I need now is a sweet hubby on the grill and I will be all set!