The beauty of soft furnishings: guest post

Hi! What does everyone have planned for the holiday weekend? Matt and I are traveling today to go on vacation with his family. So, while I am gone, I have a fellow blog reader, Jessica, here to talk about decorating with soft furnishings! I hope you enjoy!


Hello! I am Jessica Christian and I am passionate about home décor and interior designing. Today I am very much thankful to Sarah for letting me bring my voice to you. Hope you all enjoy reading.


The Beauty of Soft Furnishings

A beautiful home can be an expense, especially when you fall out of love with the current décor. Before you rush to max out your credit cards, consider the beauty of soft furnishings and follow these quick and simple ideas to transform your home. It may be hard to believe that a little bit of fabric here and there can make a tremendous difference to a home – but it can!

Soft Furnishings as Cover

You can disguise discolored or warped patches on wall or even soften harsh furniture lines with the judicious use of soft furnishings. Short, cramped windows can be lengthened and put into better proportion by using longer curtains that sweep the floor. You can even add height to a room by raising the pelmet from which the curtains are suspended, creating a majestic fall of fabric to disguise a small, 'squeezed-in' window. Severe dark wood furniture can add to the atmosphere of a room, but if it is overdone, or the furniture is slightly too big for the room it can look quite grim and unfriendly. The addition of a charming floral runner to a dark wood table can liven it up and detract from the enormous expanse of wood, and delicate crocheted doilies and antimacassars can soft the impact of hard lines and heavy wood – while protecting these valuable pieces from dust and scratches

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Transformation time!

Transform the way your home looks by completely changing the soft furnishings! This is much cheaper than going out to buy loads of new furniture. Changing the curtains can make an enormous difference and it refreshes the look of a room. Often we do not realise the damage done to fabric by the sun until we take curtains down, so it is possible that some of you dissatisfaction with your décor is, in fact, inspired by the things it is easiest to change!

Rather than rush out to buy a new lounge suite, find a good tailor or upholsterer and commission a range of fitted covers for your suite. You can have one set or as many sets as you like made up, enabling you to change the colour, texture and atmosphere of your living room in half an hour or so – as long as it takes to change the covers! Not only does this free you up to change your living room around at will, the covers protect the furniture, saving you an expensive cleaning bill over the years – should the current cover get grimy or suffer a spill, you can whip it off and pop it in the washing machine.  Very nice duvet covers can be found from

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Cushions and throws

Cushions and throws are an interior designers best friend, adding small touches of comfort and warmth to every room and versatile and cheap enough to replace as often as you like! Throws are a comfort in winter, being perfect to snuggle under while watching television, but they also serve to protect the furniture from bare feet and other day-to-day dirt, while adding a splash of color or point of interest to an otherwise drab area of the room. For nice cushions you can check

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Fabric Hangings

As something different from standard wallpaper or paint, fabric wall drapes and hangings make a regular, uninteresting room into something quite exotic and gorgeous. Great swathes of fabric and interior curtains, such as those found on a four-poster bed add allure and mystery to a room, allowing it to have secret corners and hidden nooks. This can be teamed with luxurious bedding from the wide and diverse range available from for a truly renaissance bedroom! Large batiks can cover most of a wall, covering any number of DIY decorating errors – permanently or until you can summon up your nerve to try again!

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Before you race to the furniture shop, tape measure in hand and credit card primed and ready, look around your home with a more thoughtful eye, considering the potential differences that can be made by simply using your soft furnishings to their best effect. You, and your wallet, will not be sorry!