Tutorial: DIY Halloween Wreath

Wow, where did September go? I feel like I was just posting about how excited I was that Fall was starting, and now we are already entering October with all of its spooky, Halloween glory. Today I thought I would re-share my Halloween wreath tutorial from a couple years ago. I just love this little wreath and I have used it every year since I made it. It adds just the right touch of halloween spirit to my home and I am excited to bring it back out next week!

{Originally posted on 10/12/11}

I can not believe October is almost here! Although I love fall decor, Halloween is a little tricky for me. I tend to like more of the "Harvest" Halloween than the scary, haunted house decorations that more typically come with Halloween. Even though I don't like to go full out scary Halloween I still love to decorate for every holiday which is why I came up with this fun DIY wreath!

 It is super easy to make (trust me, I made it in one afternoon while watching football at Matt's house last year) and makes for a perfect traditional Halloween decoration.

Here is what you will need:

1. Wire wreath. (you can get this from a craft store) Mine was 12"

2. Orange fabric (1.5 yards)

3. 1.5" wide black ribbon

4. fabric scissors

Step 1: Cut the fabric into 1 inch thick strips that are about 4-5 inches long.

Step 2: Simply tie the strips in a knot onto the wire wreath.

Keep tying until the entire wreath is covered and you have reached the desired fullness that you want.

Once you have covered  the whole whole wreath the way you like it this is what you will have:

Step 4: This is the only tricky part. Choose a spot to attach the black bow and spread the orange fabric apart in that spot. You need to make an open spot  on the wire to tie the ribbon. Then, simply tie the ribbon in a bow (this can take a few tries to make a pretty one).

Thats it! Now you can hang it on your door and have a Happy Halloween!