A time for thanksgiving

{originally posted on 11/21/2012}

Thanksgiving is a holiday to stop and reflect on all of the things in our life that we are thankful for. For many of us that list may include family, friends, a career, a home or a number of things that are close to our heart. My list definitely sounds a lot like that, the Lord has blessed Matt and I in more ways than we can count. When I got to thinking about what I am thankful for it occurred to me that we all show our thankfulness in different ways. Some of us like to do some thing nice for others, or participate in a service or charity over the holidays. I like to write cards and thank-you notes to those who have touched my life.

No matter how we go about showing our thankfulness I think it is important not to let this season pass us by without stopping to reflect on what we have to be grateful for. Here are some really fun and easy ideas for displaying your thankfulness. These little projects could be a great family activity on Thanksgiving Day and a way to see and understand what your loved ones are thankful for!


These place cards are a great idea. When you set your Thanksgiving table each person could have a card with their name on it in which they can write what they are thankful for on the back. Then once everyone is seated, you could all share what you wrote around the table.


You could make a thankful banner, then have your family and guests each write a note to hang on it. Or each member of your family could hang one leaf a day on the banner until Thanksgiving!

This thankful tree that Emily at Jones Design Company made is similar to the banner. She has each member of her family hang a thankful card on the tree everyday until Thanksgiving. She even provides some free printable cards!


Do you have a chalkboard at home? Why not turn it into a place for writing down your blessings this season!


Or you could turn an old picture frame into a dry erase board for displaying thanks.

Do you have a fun family tradition for sharing what you are thankful for?