Handmade Furniture : Guest Post

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have another guest blogger here to give us all some good insight on handmade furniture. The thing I love about handmade furniture is that it has a more unique touch to it them mass produced store bought items. And it is almost always much better quality too. I hope you enjoy this article by Felix!


Handmade Furniture Can Make A Room


Handmade vs. ‘Off The Shelf’

There is no denying that handmade furniture is a bit of a luxury, but sometimes it is worth paying a bit extra for a really special piece of furniture that will help you to create the right look and create a unique focal point for your interior.

‘Off the shelf ‘furniture has many benefits, it is low cost and convenient. Here in the UK, IKEA is incredibly popular and shops like this make it easy for people to plan and achieve a whole  new look for a room over a weekend on a relatively low budget.  But along with the benefits, are the disadvantages with off the shelf pieces.

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Mensa Challenges And Other Dilemmas

Firstly, you have to make it through the Mensa challenge (aka the usually cryptic instruction manual) and construct your new piece of furniture with your sanity intact.

Then you have to face facts that if you have chosen a particularly stylish piece of furniture from a popular store like IKEA, chances are that other members of your family or circle of friends, who have equally stylish tastes to your own, will buy exactly the same piece, making it difficult to be original.

Last but not least is the durability issue. Mass produced furniture often lacks quality and durability.  General wear and tear can take its toll in record time and work out to be a false economy, leaving you with a shabby looking piece of furniture that cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Creating Contrast and Interest

I am not suggesting that you avoid mass produced furniture altogether in favor of  better quality handmade alternatives, but it is important to choose your pieces wisely when furnishing a room.

Combining and pairing different types and styles of furniture in your interior design is a great way to create contrast and interest and with a good eye for design you can combine mass produced, handmade and vintage pieces in the same space to create a completely unique, jaw dropping interior.

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Furniture With Personality

Great quality vintage furniture has character and a story. Although the interior of my home is on the whole very modern in terms of the design choices, my most treasured piece is a wardrobe, which originally belonged to my Great Grandfather.

It makes a striking feature and the workmanship and attention to detail that went into making it all those years ago have enabled it to be handed down through three generations already.

This is the beauty of handmade furniture, just like a quality vintage piece it is built to last for generations and will stand up to the wear and tear of regular family life, making it an excellent investment piece for any home.

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Commissioning a Handmade Piece

Sometimes, finding the perfect piece you have in mind to fit into a tricky space or awkward room layout can prove impossible but this is where handmade furniture really comes into its own.

When you opt to have a bespoke piece designed and made especially for you, all limitations are lifted, because you get to choose every last detail. Everything from the style, color, dimensions and materials, right down to the finer details and finishes is up to you, so you don’t have to compromise on design or quality.

Handmade furniture can be made to coordinate or match with existing furniture you want it to tie in with or designed and built around any design idea of your choice. The only real limit you will face is your budget and this I fully appreciate that this is no minor issue.

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Search No Further

The good news is that just one really special handmade piece of furniture can transform a room and can pull everything else together. Don’t stress if you can’t find the right ‘off the shelf’ item as you never know, having one built specially for you might well be the answer you are looking for.


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