10 Creative and Stylish Space Saving Tips

I like bringing in guests bloggers from time to time to share some insight on SBD. Not only does it give me a chance to meet other bloggers through our collaboration but I also enjoy hearing from other writers in the design community. There are so many different avenues to design and sometimes I like getting out of my box a little.

Today we have a special guest writer here named Jessica Sockeski. She is here to talk about some creative ways to conserve space in our homes. This is an ongoing battle in the Barksdale house since we are currently living in an apartment and quickly outgrowing it. The weeks following Christmas are basically one big game of Tetris around here trying to find a place to store all of the new goodies we received. Can any of you relate to that? Luckily, Jessica is here to give a jump start on conserving space in the new year.


There never seems to be enough space when you need it. Whether it’s a lack of counter space in the kitchen, too little vanity space in the bathroom or the random odds and ends you don’t know what to do with, space is almost always a rare commodity.

 Here are 10 creative ways to add space to your home while keeping it chic and stylish:

 1. From Floor to Ceiling

Utilize all of your space—even your ceiling. You can store a lot of items if you simply hang them on wall or ceiling hooks rather than looking for floor, drawer, or closet space to store them in. This alternative works great for gear like bikes or surfboards and is also a creative way to enhance an urban home or apartment while being smart with storage.

Creative storage ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design

 2. Moveable Cabinets

Moveable kitchen cabinets sit on wheels and are built to match your current cabinets. They have their own counter top, so when they are rolled out you have an additional space to work on. These are awesome because you gain space without losing an inch of existing room.

 3. Bathroom Vanities for Storage

Purchasing a wall cabinet to go above your toilet can provide extra shelving. These shelves are fitted to look custom and come in different colors to fit your style. You can also extend your bathroom vanity to create additional storage space around the sink.

 4. Window Seats Hide Stuff

If you have any pop out windows in your home, building a window seat is an incredible way to take advantage of the extra space there. Hidden storage can be stylishly concealed in cabinets beneath the seating pad. In addition, a window seat offers extra seating in your home without the bulk of more chairs.

Creative storage ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design 

5. Better than Monsters Under the Bed

Many people use boxes to store more stuff under the bed. But you can purchase special beds where the tops lift up to reveal storage below. Since a lot of bed frames are too close to the ground to provide adequate storage, this is a great option for saving space without the clutter and dust of shoving things under the bed.

 Creative storage ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design

6. Get the Most Out of You Closets

Most closets come with a rod and a shelf above, which leaves valuable, unused space at the bottom. Building custom shelves in the closet allows you to maximize the closet room from top to bottom.

 7. Wall to Wall Storage

Shelving on your wall, especially around doorways where the space is otherwise unused, can offer you plenty of room to house books, decorations, movies and other odds and ends. Adding a wall to wall built-in unit instead of a bulky entertainment center can create a sleek look with tons of extra shelf space.

Creative storage ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design 

8. Washing Machine and Dryer Ideas

If able, stack your washer and dryer on top of each other. Because these machines are cumbersome, having them in one location frees up tons of space in your laundry room for shelving or housing other items.

 9. Install a Drop-Down Dining Table

A drop-down dining table attaches to the wall and can be used when it’s needed but hidden when you need extra space. Most tables sit unused, taking up precious room. This gives you the option to open your floor space up and use the table only when you need it.

 10. Super Stairs

All of the space underneath your stairs is usually empty and otherwise wasted. Installing a spiral staircase will open all of that wasted space and turn it into an open, useable area. Purchasing spiral staircase kits makes it a fairly simple task to replace your existing stairs and offering new space with an elegant feature.

Creative storage ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design

Space is always at a premium. Being creative with what you have can free up a lot of room that you may not have even realized you already have.

Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who loves to create unique ways to conserve space at home. You can find her on Google+.