Decor Ideas for Valentine's Day

Prepare for a night like no other at your home The day specially dedicated for lovers is just around the corner. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are already drawing up plans on how to treat or surprise their loved ones on such a special day. One catch though: spending the night in a 5-star hotel or restaurant may put a dent in your pockets, as dinner prices shoot up during this time of the year. It’s, therefore, recommended to enjoy the night together without leaving the comforts of your own home.

The season of red

It may be regarded (alongside green) as a color of Christmas, but red takes the spotlight during the season of love. From curtains to heart-shaped pillow cases and tablecloths, the color becomes the single leading motif of Valentines’ Day. To add some variety to the theme, different shades of red can be adopted like light pink or deep jewel tones. Adding some pinches of white (for instance, a white rose arrangement, or white napkins on top of a red tablecloth) could also be used side by side.

Valentine's Decor ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design Flowers of meaning

A distinct décor that would undoubtedly set the mood for Valentine’s Day is some floral arrangements. Flower decorations signal a special occasion is coming. Red roses are the undisputed preferred flower of the season, but it can also be featured anytime during the year due to its uplifting aura. As mentioned recently by Marks & Spencer flower expert Simon Richards, “Most of us are hoping to get red roses on Valentine's Day, but lots of people buy roses all year round just to cheer themselves up.” Aside from the flower that symbolizes love and passion, other alternative varieties include white lilies that symbolize purity, purple orchids that signify rare beauty, or orange roses that express desire.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.30.58 PM Preparing the main course

A Valentine’s Day date in your home wouldn’t be complete without a special dinner table. Whether the date is undertaken indoors or outdoors, table decors must suit the mood and romance of the night. A red tablecloth is perfect to complement the dinner decorations. Floral arrangements discussed above could pose as a centerpiece for the dinner table, but scattering some red or white rose petals on top of the table would be a great choice for a small, two-seater roundtable. And to cap off the decors, a set of red, pink and white candles should ignite the couple’s hearts during this special night.

Valentine's Decor ideas | Sarah Barksdale Design