New art prints in the shop

Can you believe that we are in February already? That can only mean one thing... Valentines day is right around the corner! I know that Valentines Day comes with all kinds of emotions for a lot of us. It can be a day for romance... or "single awareness". Although I, personally, don't get carried away when it comes to V-day (Partly because it comes right after my birthday), I do love the idea of having a day dedicated to telling those that we love how much we care about them. I know I am guilty of taking loved ones for granted and not appreciating the little things they do for me. This weekend I was doing a little sketching and came up with a few simple and cute new art prints for my shop.

I love you | Sarah Barksdale Design

This print would not only make a perfect Valentines day gift... but it also serves as a daily reminder for us to tell our friends and family how much we love them.

Forever and a day | Sarah Barksdale Design

This print has been on my mind for a while now. This little saying is something that Matt and I say to each other a lot when we are joking around. I love the irony and the sweetness of this message.

I hope you like these prints as much as I do! Both are available in 8x10 size. Head on over to the shop to check out these new prints and many more!