10 Ways to update your house today

10 ways to update your home today | Sarah Barksdale Design

Sometimes I think the idea of updating our home can be overwhelming... we start imagining renovations and decisions to be made and timelines and all new furniture... and the next thing we know we give up. Well, updating your home doesnt have to be a HUGE task! Sometimes doing little things here and there will make all the difference. That's why I came up with a list of 10 easy things you can do to start updating your home today.

1. DE-CLUTTER! If you don't read any other part of this post; read this. Clutter is your enemy. No hoarders allowed! What I mean here is not that your home should be perfectly spotless all of the time, thats not realistic at all. What I mean is that you shouldn't have an item in every single nook a cranny of your house. Having more stuff doesn't necessarily equal more style. The key to style is having well placed, thoughtful items to fill you home. SO what you can do today is go through your home and purge items that you think might just be "space fillers"... It can actually be kind of therapeutic!

10 ways to update your home today | Sarah Barksdale Design

2. Add greenery...even if you have to fake it! Whenever we do photo shoots of homes we design we ALWAYS add some greenery to at least a handful of the shots. Whether we use cut flowers or a tree or plant on a table, adding greenery will make you home feel much more inviting and lived in. If you are planning to add live greenery (which I absolutely recommend) do a little research and talk to your local nursery to make sure that you get a plant that will be successful in your home. If you want to add some fake greenery, make sure to get something of good quality that doesn't scream"Hey! I'm not real!"

3. Update your artwork. Swap out photo frames with current family photos or add some fun prints to the mix. There are so many great resources online (Like Etsy) that have really beautiful and affordable artwork you shouldn't have any trouble finding a few new pieces to add to your home.

4. Rearrange. That seems pretty straight forward. Think outside the box a little... just because a certain chair or table has been in one place in your home since the day you moved in doesn't mean it has to stay there! There are no rules!

10 ways to update your home today | Sarah Barksdale Design

5. Accessorize. Now... before you get too excited about this one... this doesn't NOT mean go out and buy a ton of nick-nacks to fill up your house (See tip #1). Thoughtfully accessorize your home. Add greenery, swap out throw pillows, add a new entry rug, get new artwork, change the curtains, etc. Accessorizing could even mean moving around existing accessories to highlight more special items. The main thing to keep in mind here is to accessorize you home thoughtfully.

We are halfway there now.... take an intermission if you need it. We'll be here when you get back.

6. Paint! To some of you this might seem scary... and if you fall into that category then start small. Paint a piece of furniture, or a small powder bathroom. The thing I love about paint is that it takes some time and a little effort... but the payoff is so worth it! Painting a room can totally change the game, and it is relatively cheap if you do the labor yourself.

10 ways to update your home today | Sarah Barksdale Design

7. Maximize light. We tell our clients all the time that lighting is one of the most important elements in a home. It makes all of the difference. Darkness doesn't do you home any favors. There are a few ways to maximize light in your home: You can add lamps or swap out light fixtures for ones that are more attractive or give off more light. Also, swapping out dark draperies for lighter ones can help, or even adding mirrors to rooms or spaces that don't get a ton of natural light will help with the illusion of more brightness.

8. Swap out hardware. next to lighting, I think hardware makes the most impact when it comes to updating. Take a stroll through your home and see if there are any spaces (Kitchen, bathrooms, built-ins) that could use fresh hardware. Once you decide where you want new hardware do a little searching around for some really great hardware. Anthropologie, White Chapel, and  Restoration Hardware are some of my favorite places to look.

9. Add rugs. Do a quick scan of your home and see if there are any spaces that could use a rug or any rugs that might need swapping out. Rugs can get a little tricky, but there are lots of options out there that span all sorts of styles and price ranges. Rugs can make a big difference in adding warmth (both literally and figuratively) to your home.

10 ways to update your home today | Sarah Barksdale Design

10. Personalize it! None of us stay exactly the same over the years so why should your home? As you and your family grow and change your home should reflect that. Think about what makes you happy and then think of ways to add more of that to your home. If your home is a reflection of you then you will LOVE living in it.

I hope this tips and tricks help you get started updating your home today! Even if you just tackle one step, be encouraged that updating your home can be fun and exciting!