My Bedroom re-do

First, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying for me. The past month has been a really challenging one in my life, but I have seen the Lord carry me through it. I have faith and confidence that He is not done working in my life and I am trusting him everyday. Thank you all for being so kind and understanding in my absence. I really do have the best community of friends around me!


Today I have some exciting news for all of you! I have decided to completely re-do my master bedroom (along with changing/adding a few other things around the house). As a designer I always have my eyes out for furniture items that I like and I feel like I am always hypothetically designing and redesigning my own home in my head. I am excited to get some new pieces for myself and really see my room come together. I decided to really go all out dream-girl on this bedroom. I am planning to use a soft pallet of colors in light, blush pink tones and maybe a few pale blue or mint green shades thrown in. I am planning to keep the furniture very neutral with a mix of antique items with a few more modern ones.

Here is what I am thinking as far as accent colors:

Sarah Barksdale Design

And here is my design board for the new room. I am still finalizing the furniture selection but this will give you an idea of the look I am going for:

Sarah Barksdale Design

What do you think? Its still a work in progress and will take a couple months to get everything pulled together. Keep checking in for updates!