Be. Joyful.

Be. Joyful. | Sarah Barksdale Design

"Happiness is the best makeup." - Drew Barrymore

I like that quote from Drew Barrymore because its so true isn't it? WHen you encounter someone who is truly happy, or better yet, joyful don't they just seem radiant? We all strive for happiness in our lives, but the fact is that it doesn't always come easy. Life is not always going to be positive, there is some really tough crap out there. The key to life, as I am finding out daily, is not to be happy but to have JOY. Joy will last you in the long run. Joy will get you through the unhappy times. Joy will go the distance with you.

I am currently finding myself in that in between phase of life where joy in the Lord is getting me through some very tough unhappiness. And you know what? Its ok. The Lord is so wise and faithful to give us joy in Him for the days when happiness seems out of our reach. And He has been faithful to me by giving me things and people in my life to bring some sunshine around even in small ways.

Be. Joyful. | Sarah Barksdale Design

(Anyone notice the green bone in the corner?... compliments of Lacy girl)

I went out to my friend's new house in the country last weekend for the day and they have the most BEAUTIFUL wildflower garden you have seen in your life. And it is chock full of peonies this time of year (sigh...). My sweet friend let me cut a bunch to bring home with me and they have brightened up my home all week and reminded me that I am loved. Their little girls put on a play (Rumplestiltskin if you must know) for me that day and we worked out in the yard on a duck house. It was a great reminder that we need to take great joy in the simple things of life and not look too far down the road with worries... because worries are the thief of joy.

Be. Joyful. | Sarah Barksdale Design

What are some ways that you remind yourself to be joyful always?