Things I Love : Nashville Addition

I am convinced more and more every year that Nashville is the best city to live in. There always seems to be something going on around town and new ideas popping up left and right. I love living in this creative city because I always feel inspired. One thing that I am really proud of Nashville for is that we are a city who whole heartedly embraces local design. We have SO many fantastic local restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques and designers here that you wont find anywhere else (and I am not talking about the honkey tonk strip downtown either). Whether you are a tourist in from out of town or you live here its fun to enjoy the uniqueness that is Nashville. Here are a few of my favorite Nashville designers that I am loving lately:

Miriam Designs

Miriam Designs is a local jewelry company that was started by one of my best friends Gracie. I have a bunch of her pieces and I just cant seem to get enough! They are coming out with a clothing and home goods line this Fall so be on the lookout for that!

Imogene & Willie

Imogene and Willie started as a shop that specialized in custom jeans, now they offer a wide range of clothes and home accessories too. I freaking live in these jeans... they really are the best.


Nisolo is a store that sells the most beautiful, hand crafted leather shoes and accessories. I just bought my first pair of boots from them an I cant wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear them all the time.

Consider the Wildflowers

Consider the Wildflowers is another local jewelry shop. They make very pretty, simple jewelry that goes with anything. And they have a great assortment of simple stacking rings.