All Plaid Errythang

As soon as the Fall rolls around I start getting the itch to bust out some plaid. Everywhere. There is just something about plaid that makes me feel like snuggling up with a warm mug of cider on a brisk day. I would say my favorite plaid is the classic red, but I also love a good hunter green or navy blue too. One of the best (and easiest) ways to make your home feel warm and welcoming for the Fall/Winter season is to add a few plaid throws here and there.

Plaid Throw | Sarah Barksdale Design

You can drape them over a chair in the dining room. Or drape one over a sofa in the living room.

Plaid Throw | Sarah Barksdale Design

I love how this one is just peeking out from the basket under the table. Notice how everything in this room could work during any of the seasons... you dont have to redecorate your home to make a seasonal transition. Its all about finding ways to accent the pieces you already have.

Plaid Throw | Sarah Barksdale Design

I absolutely adore this plaid blanket on this bed. It just warms up the whole room and accents the brass bed from so well. I would honestly keep this blanket on the bed year round in this room to keep that cottage feel.

Plaid Throw | Sarah Barksdale Design

...Of course... there are always way to go way overboard on any design idea. Thats a whole lot of (permanent) plaid.

Sarah Barksdale Design

Did I also mention that I love to wear plaid in the Fall? Well, I do. This scarf is amazing.

If you are looking for a couple plaid throws to add to your Fall decor, Pendleton is a great resource. You can also find vintage ones on Etsy. Cable knit throws are another great option if plaid really isn't your thing. Pottery Barn has a great selection of those.

Cable Knit Throw | Sarah Barksdale Design