Easy to grow indoor plants

I know I have mentioned this several times but having something live and green in your home can make all the difference. Every time we do a photo shoot of any of our projects we always make sure to include some flowers or greenery to make the space feel... well... alive. Browse any interior design magazine and you will find that this practice is pretty much the standard. The only downside is that some of us dont have a natural green thumb and growing a plant, let alone keeping one alive, indoors can present quite a challenge. Today you are in luck because I Gaddy's is here to talk about indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain!


Which Houseplants are easy to grow and fill your Home with Flowers?

If you lead a busy life you probably want houseplants that will look great while at the same time not take a lot of your valuable time to care for. You want to invest your money in plants that give you all of the beautiful results for the least effort. This is certainly possible.

Not every plant takes a lot of time to care for; you can get beautiful blooms around your home and you won’t even really register any effort taken.

The simplicity of an African violet

These plants are full of color with masses of flowers in various shades of blue, pink or purple; there is even a variegated version. The great thing about African violets is that they are exceptionally easy to grow and keep. You don’t need to have a lot of direct sunlight in your home to keep these plants; they grow quite happily in a non-direct bright light.

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Watering African violets is just as straightforward. They should be watered by being placed in a saucer of water for no longer than 30 minutes. This allows the plant to drink up the water. You should not water these plants from above as water damages their leaves. As the flowers grow on the plant the dying flowers should be pinched off to allow for effective growth. An important thing to remember when caring for African violets is that they should always be kept away from any drafts.

Impressive beauty of an anthurium

These attractive blooms thrive in a medium to bright light; they are not lovers of direct sunlight. When anthuriums are growing they need to be kept evenly moist to optimize their growth. If you remember this then you will benefit from the memorable heart shaped leaves and bright red blooms of the plants. Varieties of the plant can also feature flowers of white, pink or lavender. One possible downside of these plants is that they are slightly toxic so you will need to be careful if you have animals or young children in your home. You can visit Gaddys for plant event hire & find something suitable for whatever the occasion.

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A little bit of festive magic with a Christmas cactus

Many houseplants flower during the spring and summer months, so the Christmas cactus makes for a beautiful and colorful exception. Most cacti are known for being relatively easy to take care of and this variety certainly follows the trend. If you have a Christmas cactus make sure that is it kept moderately dry and is housed in an environment with bright light.

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If you do this you will benefit from having a sea of rose, red-orange or salmon flowers around your home. To continue getting a healthy display of flowers you need to make sure that you pinch out the leaves and cut away some of the stems to give room for new growth. Doing this maintains the strength of the plant and helps it to sustain its beauty.

Every one of these plants adds a great array of color to your home and is easy to maintain.