Daylight Savings...

Oh, daylight savings.... your killin me smalls! I need a flashlight to find my car leaving work now! It comes around every year, this thing we call daylight savings. Although I understand the point of why we want to conserve daylight hours adjusting to it being dark when I leave work is NOT my favorite thing. I pretty much want to go home and ย put my pajamas on at 5:30 everyday which apparently is not acceptable behavior for a 27 year oldworking gal like me. Dang it.


Ah... now that is the life I want to have once the winter rolls in. Unfortunately this is a little more like my reality since I dont have a fireplace that actually works:


And lets be real! Even this is more glamorous than my actual fireplace. I will say though that candles in a fireplace can add a lot of charm and "warmth" to your living room. They are functional year round since that don't actually put off any heat. For those of you who have working fireplaces (wood burning... not gas) think about using candles either in the summer or during the winter if you are like me and can't build an actual fire because you rent and the chimney has been sealed up. Anyone else have that problem? No? Just me.... bummer.

ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND: if you are going to fill your fireplace with candles. Or set a gorgeous table scape full of candles for Thanksgiving... make sure to use UNSCENTED candles.

Lets all take a moment and imagine if the fireplace above were filled with vanilla scented candles. OMG. Sensory overload. I dont care if vanilla is your most favorite smell of all time and you never get sick of it... do not try using a large amount of pillar candles all at once in ANY scent or you will regret it. And I will be forced to say I told you so. Consider yourself warned.

How are you guys spending your daylight savings time?