Thriftstore Thanksgiving

It is finally here! In just a few short days we will all be gathered around the table with our closest friends and loved ones giving thanks and enjoying our time spent together. Oh, did I mention eating half of our body weight in turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes? Yeah... that too. I know when my family gets together it is always a fun competition to see who can eat the most and nap the longest. (ha!)

While the holidays are a time for laughs and happiness they can also come with a lot of stress. Between cleaning your house for relatives, traveling, and cooking for everyone there might not be a lot of time left to decorate, or even a lot of money to spend for that matter. I have come up with a few quick and easy projects to help liven up your dining room table this Thanksgiving. You would be surprised at what you can create with a short trip to a dollar store or just a walk into your pantry.

I love all of these candles! Leaves and acorns can easily be found in the backyard. And if you don't have any glass vases these are an easy find at dollar or department store for around $5. Having these on a mantle or as a centerpiece is the perfect addition to your holiday party.

Theses ideas are simple too, everyone has pine cones in their yard and string or yarn somewhere in the back of a cabinet. All of these great ideas could be an awesome project for your children, nieces or nephews to have them out of the kitchen, but still feel involved.


I hope these inexpensive and quick holiday ideas are helpful and give you and effortless and homey look for your home this Thanksgiving!