Friday Favorites

Happy Friday SCD readers!! I get asked all the time from clients, friends, family, random-strangers-on-the-streets {ok, maybe not so much...} about where to source various home goods (i.e. lamps, hardware, bedding, fabrics.. etc.). To be honest, a majority of the items that I source for clients are available to the trade only, meaning you would have to go through me or another designer to get your hands on it. However, I do have a bank of resources that are available to everyone and  I thought it might be fun to share those with you guys each week.

I am starting a series called "Friday Favorites"... my goal with this is to share some of my favorite resources or specific items with you {just slick on the items below and it will take you right to the site where that item is listed! easy enough right?} These favorites will mainly be based on current trends, things I am working on or items that are on my wish list. If there are any resources that you would like me to highlight I am open to suggestions!

Hardware is without a doubt one of the most underrated parts of any room. Beautiful hardware makes a difference y'all! Trust me on this. Don't go to the trouble to renovate your kitchen, or repaint a dresser just to slap some generic, ugly hardware on it. One of my FAVORITE sources for unique, pretty hardware is Anthropologie. They just nail it every time.