How to decorate with neutrals

What's not to love about a good neutral color scheme right? Although I am no stranger to color, I am a big fan of a well done neutral space - it just provides such a clean slate and peaceful environment. If only it was as easy to create a beautiful neutral design as it was to enjoy one. Well, today I am here with a couple helpful tips on how to decorate using neutrals.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

1.) Choose your neutral family

Not all neutrals are created equal.... some have cooler, more gray undertones while others have warmer, tan undertones. Even pale pinks, purples, blues, and greens... when used right... can create their own version of a neutral palette. So choose what tone you want your neutral scheme to be and stick wth various neutrals within that family.

Design by Studio McGee

2.) Mix textures - not color

This is the "golden rule" to decorating in neutrals. Since you wont be using color much -if at all - you'll need to incorporate various textures into your design to add interest. This is a technique that should be used in any design, however, it is a vital part of the process when you aren't using color. Try mixing wood, metal, leather, linen, smooth, rustic, soft, hard, dark, light, etc. into your design.

Design by Betsy Brown Inc.

3.) Change up the scale

Again, this is a technique that should always be kept in mind. Make sure that you are mixing the scale of things in your design. If you have a low back sofa then add some high back chairs or floor lamps to another part of the room. If you are using a few pieces that are visually "heavy" then add a few items that look more visually "light" elsewhere.

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