The Big 3-0

Well... it's my birthday week and this year it's a big one. The BIG 3-0 people! Yikes! I've been having mixed thoughts on the topic lately because 30 feels like such a milestone. In most cases I feel good about starting a new decade despite the fact that I'm not exactly where I thought I would be by now, nor did my 20's go quite according to plan...

You see.. life until the age of about 27 was pretty smooth sailing. Things were mostly going the way I thought they would and when those plans changed it required a lot from me. Its crazy how many different hurtles I have faced in the last 3 years versus the first 27. I had to really figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. I learned what was really important to me and what is worth investing my time/heart/soul in. I almost lost my faith a few times (what do you do when God really lets you down and "evil" seems to win more often than not?) but in the end the faith I walked away with is a much more solid, "grown-up" version than before- even if it is riddled with occasional relapses of skepticism. 

My new life is a full one and for that I will forever be thankful. I have a wonderful community in Nashville, both personally and professionally. I am doing things I NEVER dreamed I would - running my own business, writing a children's book (surprise! - coming soon haha), traveling a ton and building a life that really fits me and where I hope to be headed. Its almost like I was given the chance (eh, more like pushed off a cliff into the ocean...) to build a life that matters to me, rather than just "growing into a life on accident". Romans 8:28 claims that "God works all things for the good of those who love him" and I think that one of His gifts to me was using something devastating to give me the gift of where I am now through it. Please don't fret, my friends, if you feel like your plans haven't come to life just yet - it's ok to be disappointed, but look for the blessings that are sure to come through it.

So here's to 30! Its a little scary, but I am hoping that the best is yet to come. I've learned to keep a loose grip on life and to let the Lord work it out - so I am hoping that he decides to really show off in the next decade!