Good Lighting

One thing we stress to clients all the time is the importance of good lighting. If you are looking to update your home but aren't ready to fully re-do everything... start with your lighting. Not only do attractive light fixtures give your home a more custom and updated look, but the actual light they give off is soooo much more pleasing than can lights from the ceiling.

Good Lighting | Sarah Barksdale Design

When selecting lighting think about what your needs are and prioritize. Do you need a new ceiling fixture? Sconces? Lamps? and then decide what scale you need for each item.

Good Lighting | Sarah Barksdale Design

Don't be afraid to mix metals either. Just because your hardware is polished nickel doesn't mean your light fixture cant be brass. trust me on this one.

Good Lighting | Sarah Barksdale Design

Don't be afraid to add lighting that is on the more dramatic side. Lighting is not necessarily cheap, but it is less expensive than many things in the home so it makes for a good way to take a risk.

Good Lighting | Sarah Barksdale Design

I love how they used a large sconce in this bedroom rather than a table lamp. It adds interest and frees up more space on the bedside table.

Things I love: Lucite

Lucite has been making a major impact in the design world lately. And I love it! Lucite is basically a type of clear acrylic furniture. We have been on the hunt for some lucite items for some of our more modern projects lately. It definitely adds a more modern and edgy look to a space, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it cant be used in more traditional spaces.

Lucite | Sarah Barksdale Design

I love how lucite furniture adds drama to a space.... while kind of fading into the background at the same time due to the fact that its clear. Its like a contradiction of itself, which I think is what makes it so fun!

Lucite | Sarah Barksdale Design

You can find just about anything made from lucite too... bar carts, lamps, tables, chairs, stools, bookcases, and accessories. The large range of items made from lucite makes it easy to find something that fits your taste and your home.

Lucite | Sarah Barksdale Design

Lucite | Sarah Barksdale Design

Like I said previously, if you aren't feeling the lucite look completely but want to add a little bit of it to your home. There are tons of home accessories made from lucite too. Everything from candle sticks to trays to lamps or frames. Just search around, you wont have trouble finding options.

Lucite | Sarah Barksdale Design

Actual lucite can be rather expensive, especially vintage lucite items... so if you want to get the look without spending a lot, try searching fro acrylic furniture or accessories.

Happy hunting!

Blogs I Love

We have a HUGE install going on this week here in Nashville. I cant wait to show all of you a few highlights from it soon... in the mean time check out my instagram if you want to follow along!

The blog world is large and small all at once. Its crazy how many amazing blogs are out there and yet, its so easy to connect with bloggers that you like. Believe me, no matter how large the blog is... we all LOVE getting feedback and comments from our readers. Who wouldn't? I have had the pleasure to get to "meet" and collaborate with some wonderful bloggers over the past few years and it has been a lot of fun. I hope to do more of it in the future as I move forward with this little blog of mine. This week I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite blogs. These are ones that I check often for inspiration and to stay up to speed on whats new out there in the world. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Paris in Four Months

Paris In Four Months is a fun lifestyle blog all about daily life in, well, Paris. It is my newest addiction as I am planning a trip to Paris for next year!! The photos are fabulous! It was love at first site for me and I think you will fall in love with this blog as much as I have.

Design Mom

Design Mom is kind of my catch-all design blog. I love how Gabrielle ties design to family life and she doesn't limit herself to one topic or area of creativity.  This site is chock full of great ideas!

Elements of Style

Elements of Style is one of my FAVORITE design blogs. Erin has a great wit about her and she is always keeping me up to date on trends and ideas. I love her slightly edgy style too.

Velvet and Linen

If you are a day dreamer and you love all things serene and beautiful then Velvet and Linen is the blog for you! I absolutely swoon over every single picture that Brooke posts about her new home or the projects she is working on. Her style is impeccable!

Happily Grey

Happily Grey is a fun fashion blog from a Nashville local's perspective. I love seeing the outfits Mary puts together and all of her great shots around town too.

Little Green Notebook

I absolutely adore Little Green Notebook! It is one of my go-to design blogs. Jenny is the DIY queen and is constantly posting about ways to improve, update or restyle your home yourself! This blog always leaves me inspired to start a new project.

Joy The Baker

I havent been reading this Joy The Baker for long, and I honestly don't read many cooking blogs... but.... I had these strawberry cream sconces over the weekend and I am HOOKED! Joy has some amazing recipes on her site and I can already tell that I am going to be adding a lot of them to my recipe box.

Jones Design Company

Jones Design Company is one of the very first blogs that I ever started reading and I still love it! Emily has the best perspective on life, family, crafts, decorating, you name it. I love checking her blog and I have also taken a few of her online design classes (blog class and graphic design class). I think you will love her site as much as I do.


Atlantic-Pacific is my favorite fashion blog. Its simple and unfussy. Blair has the best style and I love seeing how she puts outfits together.

What are some of you favorite blogs?