Before and After

One of the main perks about our new apartment is that we now have a washer and dryer! No more Laundromat! The downside is that our washer and dryer are connected to the bathroom... its a little strange but it works. Anyway, our "laundry room" has great storage above the washer/dryer. There is a ton of shelf space and room to hand clothes. However, there aren't any doors to our laundry room so whatever I store on the shelves is open to the world to see.

See what I mean? Ugly right? Well I decided that making some half length curtains would do the trick. I just so happened to have some left over fabric from some light blue Ikea curtains that I bough a year or so ago. The fabric was perfect for the curtains because it is pretty thick (so they will hide anything behind them) and our bathroom is all done in light blue, so they fit in with the rest of our towels and shower curtain.

Ta-Da! They aren't perfect, but they did the trick! I just hung them from a tension rod behind the door frame. These are super simple curtains but they are just what we needed.