Things I love: Iron windows

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale DesignCan we all just take a minute to admire the beauty of this kitchen?!?! If this kitchen belonged to me lets just say I would pull a mattress into the middle of the floor and LIVE in there. One thing that I am absolutely LOVING lately are iron windows. I love how crisp and clean looking they are. I love the drama of the dark framing against the open-ness of the window. I love the hard, masculine touch they can bring to soft spaces. And most of all I love how they can completely stand alone.... who needs window treatments when your windows look this good?

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale Design

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale Design

I really love the pops of emerald in this room don't you? Ok, now back to the windows...

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale Design

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale Design

Iron windows look amazing in ANY room but I particularly love them in the bathroom.... dont you?

Iron Windows | Sarah Barksdale DesignA-MAZ-ING !!!

Unfortunately there really isnt a budget friendly way to achieve this look (if you know of one please share!!). Iron window frames are pricey, but the finished look it definitely worth the splurge if you can manage it.


The Painted Runner

{Originally Posted On 11/04/2011}

Here is a modern spin on the stair runner... lose the rug and grab some paint! I have seen this technique done quite a bit lately and I think it is really creative. Painting a runner down the middle of your stairs adds interest but is much less expensive than buying a rug and it also allows you to use any color you want (maybe even some of the leftover paint from painting a room in your house?)

I love the colors in this one. I like how they gave the runner a border of a darker color.

This is interesting, it is kind of the opposite of painting a runner. Instead the "runner" is left unfinished and the rest of the staircase has been painted.

What do you think? I would like to try this one day.