Flea Market Find

Do you ever have one of those weekends that just gets away from you? Well, I had one this past weekend. Matt was studying most of the weekend so I was left to make plans on my own. Saturday morning I decided to head over to the big once-a-month Nashville flea market to enjoy the nice weather. Its usually a hit or miss for me at the flea market (as most of the time things like that are) but I enjoy the hunt and get inspired by all of the possibilities for the antiques I see there.

Well this weekend was a BIG HIT for me at the market.... I bought our very first dining table! The table extends to almost 9 feet long with both leaves and it has 8 chairs to go with it. I got it for a STEAL too, so I am pretty proud of my find.  But the rest of my weekend ended up in more of a furniture-delivery/redo-the-dining-room kind of  style. Oh well, worth it.

Flea Market Find | Sarah Barksdale Design

Isn't she a beauty? I have been wanting to trade out our hand-me-down table that we got from my parents for a while. It wasn't terrible, but it could only seat 4 people which doesn't make having friends over for dinner very easy, plus it was a little to "country" for my taste.

Sarah Barksdale Design

Before... (yikes)

Flea Market Find | Sarah Barksdale Design

After! If you notice in the back corner of the room we recently added a wet bar. I found a desk on sale a few weeks ago and it fit the space perfectly. I am really excited about having a wet bar so we can have a chance to show off some of the gorgeous stem ware that we got for our wedding. Its going to be a work in progress (I still want to find some decanters and maybe a pretty wine opener and some other accessories) but you get the picture.

Flea Market Find | Sarah Barksdale Design

Here is a better show of the bar area. I love how the room is coming together now... it feels so much more intentional than it did before when we only had the small table and little else to fill the space. However, this table and desk were definitely worth the wait and the hunt.

weekend = great success

**please pardon the picture quality, I didn't have the best lighting while taking these.... (See kids, it is important to have good light when taking photos, otherwise you'll end up having to try to edit out the yellowness)


Dining Room Inspiration

Lately I have had the opportunity to work on several dining room designs. It seems work out a lot that designs come in spurts, like having multiple dining rooms to design at once. But I actually like it that way, it gives me a chance to come up with multiple designs and ideas for the same type of room which is always fun.

This is a dining room that I have been swooning over lately. I love the traditional-with-a-twos feel it has, and those dining chairs are AMAZING! I love, love, love the idea of upholstering the seat and back of the chair. Brilliant! Anyway, consider this my "inspiration."

Dining Room Inspiration | Sarah Barksdale Design

And here is a design board that i put together from this inspiration:

Dining room inspiration board | Sarah Barksdale Design

drapery fabric / chandelier / paint / Chippendale dining chair / upholstery fabric* / plates / table

*This fabric is Pindler and Pindler, 2709-Tudor, beige

I wanted to keep the look traditional while still using fresh, current pieces and fabrics. The key is to keep traditional lines while incorporating more current patterns or finishes- hence the fabric patterns, the smokey green wall color and the raw iron finish for the chandelier. I wanted to keep the table finish light in order to contrast from the dark mahogany finish of the chairs, but I didn't want it to be so light that the two wouldn't work together. I also wanted to keep a formal feel to the room without making it too uninviting. Who wants to eat in an stiff dining room everyday?

Now all that's missing are my dinner guests...