Introducing E-Design

E-Design | Sarah Barksdale Design

Today I am happy to announce to all of you that I am now offering E-Design services! Over the past 2 years that I have been writing this blog I have loved hearing the feedback from all of my readers! A lot of what I have been hearing from all of you has been questions about interior design tips, ways to improve your homes, where to shop for items, what colors to choose, etc. Recently more and more of you have been asking for my help specifically on your own homes, and I could not be more excited to offer my e-design services to you!

E-Design is for clients who want my professional design talents and aesthetic, but who are looking to implement the complete design themselves. We will work together via email to discuss your specific needs and wants in order to have your home looking just the way you want it to in no time!

How it works:

We will communicate via email to discuss the scope of what you are aiming to accomplish in your home. I will gather information from you to gain inspiration, and put together a Custom Design Plan that suits your specific style. You will need to send me pictures and dimensions of your space as well as any existing furniture/items that you want to use. I will ask you questions about your goals, uses of the space, likes/dislikes etc. to get a feel of what your style is and what design will best fit your space and home.

Dining Room Board | Sarah Barksdale Design

E-Design Includes:

-Custom Design Board (1 revision is included, additional revisions will be billed according to my hourly rate*)

-Furniture Layout /Plan

-List of Online Sources (furniture, carpets, lighting, accessories, etc)

-Any Specific Instructions and Design Tips applicable for implementing your design

Whimsical Breakfast Nook | Sarah Barksdale Design

If you would like any help with your home design, I hope that you will check out my services. E-design is a really fun and easy way to upgrade your home decor. I have loved working with my e-design clients and getting to know them and their families. If you are interested, please visit my E-Design page for pricing and more info.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries :


Design Dilemma

Today I am happy to introduce a NEW FEATURE to the SBD site!!

Design Dilemma

a.k.a Design Help


What it is:

If you are wanting some help or advice on a decorating project I am here to help! Consider this a for of E-design if you will. I want to hear about the projects or plans you have going on and help in any way I can.

How it works:

Simply click on the Design Help tab at the top of the screen and then answer a few basic questions in the contact form. Then I will review your "Design Dilemma" and get back to you with advice, resources, measurements, links, pictures, whatever is needed to best answer your questions.

What's in it for you:

This is an open form for design questions. I like hearing about other people's ideas and projects as much as I like doing my own. You will have the opportunity to ask me (an interior designer) about your specific home or project. I will provide an answer to your questions in the best way I can and provide you with specific details as needed. Sound fun? It is... trust me.


Here is a little example of  a reader that I helped solve a design dilemma for a while ago.... you might remember this from my post about Flush Mounts.

Hi Sarah!

We live in a town home in downtown Charleston that was originally built around the 1930s, then renovated in the 1950s. There are lots of lovely vintage touches around our home that we love, however one we DETEST is the terrible light fixture above our stairs. It provided basically no light in addition to being the ugliest light fixture I have ever seen. 

We had been looking for a flush mount fixture to replace it since we moved it. However, most flush mounts I liked were out of my budget. You identified the perfect replacement for us and we installed it this weekend. Not only does the new fixture fit the space better, it gives off twice as much light making our stairway much safer. It is the first thing I see every morning when I leave our bedroom and it puts a huge smile on my face!
 Thank you so much for your help!
I did a little research and sent Abbie some links for different light fixtures that might work well in her space and fit within her price range. She bought one of the fixtures that I found for her and look how great the result was:
Design Advice | Sarah Barksdale Design
So go ahead and pop on over to the Design Help page and send me your questions. I cant wait to hear what you have to ask!