New art prints in the shop

Can you believe that we are in February already? That can only mean one thing... Valentines day is right around the corner! I know that Valentines Day comes with all kinds of emotions for a lot of us. It can be a day for romance... or "single awareness". Although I, personally, don't get carried away when it comes to V-day (Partly because it comes right after my birthday), I do love the idea of having a day dedicated to telling those that we love how much we care about them. I know I am guilty of taking loved ones for granted and not appreciating the little things they do for me. This weekend I was doing a little sketching and came up with a few simple and cute new art prints for my shop.

I love you | Sarah Barksdale Design

This print would not only make a perfect Valentines day gift... but it also serves as a daily reminder for us to tell our friends and family how much we love them.

Forever and a day | Sarah Barksdale Design

This print has been on my mind for a while now. This little saying is something that Matt and I say to each other a lot when we are joking around. I love the irony and the sweetness of this message.

I hope you like these prints as much as I do! Both are available in 8x10 size. Head on over to the shop to check out these new prints and many more!


Decorating with Greenery and DIY door swag

I absolutely adore decorating with real, live greenery for the holidays! I grew up having a real tree every Christmas and no matter how fancy of an artificial tree you get, nothing will compare to the smell and the beauty of a real one. But I am not just talking about trees. I am talking about all kinds of greenery: garland, wreaths, berries, you name it. I think there is just something so perfect about using live greenery, and bringing the outdoors in, that just makes your holiday decor come to life.

Decorating with Greenery | Sarah Barksdale Design

Decorating with Greenery | Sarah Barksdale Design

Dont let the idea of live greenery scare you. its not as hard to care for as you might think. As long as you spray your wreaths, garlands, branches, etc. with water every couple days it will stay fresh looking and it wont turn brittle and dry out.

I love how greenery can go just about anywhere. Leftover branches can go in a vase or on a shelf. Berries can be woven into garland or just stuck into your tree at random. There are so many ways to get creative with greenery.

Decorating with Greenery | Sarah Barksdale Design

I love how the garland is not only used on the stair railing, but it is also draped across the top of the window sill.

Decorating with Greenery | Sarah Barksdale Design

One of my favorite ways to use greenery is by turning leftover branches into a swag like the one on this door. A swag functions just like a wreath but rather than being woven into a ring it is just more of a bundle of branches.

Decorating with Greenery | Sarah Barksdale Design

I made this swag for my front door this year! It was really easy (and cheap) to make!  Here is what you need:

Fir Tree branches: (I snagged some leftover branches(for free!) from a discard bin at Home Depot when we went to get our tree.)

Floral wire


Berries, ornaments, pinecones, etc (optional embellishments)

1. Bunch your branches together until you have a nice flu and even bundle. Reserve some smaller branches for the top.

2. Place a few small branches so that they flow out of the top of your swag to hide the stems of the larger branches.

3. Secure the bundle by wrapping the floral wire around the "neck" of your swag.

4. Use the floral wire to attache your embellishments (berries, pinecones, etc.)

5. Tie a ribbon around the neck of your swag to hide the floral wire.

Thats it! Your done!

What are your thoughts on decorating with live greenery?