Have you heard about Hunters Alley?

Working in the design biz' I am always resourcing new places to find furniture, rugs, fabric, hardware, lighting.... you name it. Well today I wanted to share a new website that I found called Hunters Alley. Have you heard about it?

Hunters Alley

Hunters Alley is a spin off website from the creators or One Kings Lane. This is a site (kind of like 1stdibs.com but a little more on the affordable side) where people can buy and sell their vintage stuff! They have everything from furniture, lighting, home accessories to jewelry and art! Everything on their site has been inspected for quality by Hunters Alley to insure that what you are buying is in good shape (unlike taking a gamble on Craig's List..... no disrespect to Craig)

Here are a few items that caught my eye while perusing the site last night

Hunters Alley

I am in LOVE with those emerald chairs... they are so unique! The next time you are hunting around for that perfect piece for your home, give Hunters Alley a visit! I know I will be using them a lot from now on.


Man's Best friend

More and more I am seeing homes with built-in nooks for dogs. Maybe it is because I have a dog of my own now that I am noticing it more, but it has definitely become a trend.

Dog nooks | Sarah Barksdale Design

Gone are the days of having an ugly metal cage in the corner of the living room (confession: we have an ugly metal cage in the corner of our living room... oh the joys of renting)

Dog nooks | Sarah Barksdale Design

Hello to the days of dogs being treated as permanent members of the family. I love this food/water station built into the kitchen island.

Dog nooks | Sarah Barksdale Design

It does make sense though doesn't it? Our dogs become part of our families, and just like kids, they require stuff, and quite a bit of stuff I might add. So why not plan out a place for them to sleep, eat, keel their leashes and toys, etc. Rather than just have it thrown haphazardly in the corner. I mean, why go to the trouble of having a well put together living room or kitchen if you are just going to mess it up with random dog stuff? make it part of the decor.

Dog nooks | Sarah Barksdale Design

Now, I know every dog lover can afford to install a built-in unit for their pup, and thats ok. I am not saying you should completely renovate your kitchen in order to incorporate the dog. But rather, find places to keep the dog bed or toys that is a little more discreet. Try finding a really attractive dog bed or having one recovered in fabric to match the decor of your home? Or buy some pretty woven basket to keep the leashes and toys in?

Dog nooks | Sarah Barksdale Design

When we got Lacy, I went to one of those pottery painting paces and painted her some beautiful food and water bowls. I love how nice they look in our kitchen rather than having plain plastic ones.

What do you think about incorporating pet stuff into the decor? Are you for it or against it?


SBD Dream Home

{originally posted on 2/9/12}

Today I thought I would let my imagination run wild and design my dream home for all of you SBD readers! (at least this is my dream home for now... I am sure I'll change my mind again sooner or later, thats the fun part about being an interior designer! right?)

If I were to design my dream home....

This would be my front door. Welcome to the Barksdale's!

I would drop my keys down on this beauty once I walked in the door.

And curl my bare feet into one of these fancy rugs.

I would kick my feet up and enjoy a magazine or a good book here.

and maybe have my handsome husband build me a fire in there.

THIS is where I would channel my inner chef

But I would have these fantastic double sinks.

Then I would enjoy a meal with my family here.

I would LOVE to have a bathroom like this one. Look at those floors! And the blue walls...

But I would add this tub to it! (This is so dreamy)

Annnnd this AMAZING vanity!

In this bed is where I would lay my head. Oh what a princess bed this is, I am enamored with this canopy.

But I would style the bed a little more like this.

This would be my desk in my home office. Who wouldn't want to work (and blog) here?

Then I would relax the day away with  Matt on a porch like this.

Man that was fun! Thanks for going on a virtual tour of my dream home with me!