Industrial Bedroom

I am currently working with one of my very good friends here in Nashville on redoing his bedroom. It's a really fun project actually, for a few reasons. 1. It is always fun to work with friends... and 2. it is a really fun challenge to be designing for a man's space. Phil wants to go with an industrial look for his room, and we met this week to go over some ideas and get a "big picture" plan going before we start putting things into place. (also, Phil is super handy and can build anything so be looking forward to some project highlights to come your way here on SBD)

Here is a board I put together with our ideas:

We want to use piping in the room. We are thinking about doing a bookshelf out of pipe like the shop above or some floor to ceiling panel curtains with one long pipe as the curtain rod. The wooden chair is actually an old US Army folding chair and Phil found one on ebay! He also got the original patent for the chair from the US patent archives (did you know you can use Google Patents to find almost any patent ever issued? Its public domain. How cool!) Anyway, we are going to frame it and hang it over the desk.

We are hoping to get a desk like the one above, but we might paint it a darker green and distress it a little to make it seem more rough and industrial like this one:

We are also on the hunt for some end tables. We may decide to build one, in which case I think something like this might be cool:

(via Restoration Hardware)

Or we could bid on this table. I found this on ebay and I think it would fit in the space perfectly:

Here is a drawing of the space we are working with:

Check back in for more updates on this industrial bedroom project. It should be a really fun one!