Layers of Love

One of my favorite trends lately is layering rugs. I like this look for a few reasons. First, this trick looks great and can add interest to an otherwise boring part of a room. And second, layering rugs can also be a problem solution! Have you ever had an area of a room that you needed to cover with a rug, but couldn't afford a giant area rug? Just layer a few! Or have you ever wanted to use a rug in a room that was an abnormal shape but couldn't find a rug to fit the space?... Layer!

One of the best ways to layer rugs is to use a Sisal rug as the bottom later. Sisal rugs are easy to find and they aren't typically super expensive. By using the Sisal rug as the bottom layer you can cover a large area of a room with the neutral rug, and then spice up a certain focal area (like under the coffee table, bed or desk) with a more colorful and interesting rug!

this is a Sisal rug from Pottery Barn

See how they layered the sisal rug with the smaller rug on top for interest?

You don't even have to use area rugs. Small ones work great too!