Barrels Of Fun

I love when people find creative ways to upcycle used goods. (Upcycle: to re-use a material in a way that gives it a better purpose. Similar to recycle). I was looking at one of my favorite blogs recently, Elements Of Style, and saw this amazing photo:

I love SO many things about this bathroom. Those above counter sinks are amazing, and I adore the color of the drawers and the unfinished wood counter. But I absolutely LOVE those barrel mirrors!!! What a great re-use for those old wine barrels. This photo got me thinking.... what else could barrels be upcycled into? hmm...

Cut them in half and add some glass and Ta Da.... you get a coffee table

Or just leave them whole for a full height table.

Barrel bathtub anyone?

Or maybe you would prefer a barrel sink..

Or maybe your dog needs a new bed...

I think this barrel swing would be a barrel of fun!... pun intended.

Barrels hold up really well in weather, so they make a great patio tables

Or planters.

These are just a few ideas for upcycling a barrel, but I am sure there are plenty more possibilities. If you are interested in trying one of these ideas but don't know where to find an old barrel, try Craigs list or Liquor/wine breweries. Even some Antique markets or flea markets may have some.